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11월 8, 2011 at 9:51 오전
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International Artist


French Musician visited Seoul during the Pusan Film Festival

By Dana Austin Choi

 Without  French Music Composer/producer/ Artist Daniel Masson we would not have had the luxury of getting to know  World Fusion Music.  His musical curiosity led him on his own journey that would have him  travel the world’s most remote locations that are not holiday destinations  perse and record music in the most  spiritual places in search of  sounds . “Music is about bridging people together” This Frenchman was most recently in Korea to put his sounds to a historic silent film at the Busan International Film Festival.

At 11 he got a guitar, at 14 he founded a progressive rock band and without any formal training he was soon in Paris teaching the guitar to his students and in the evenings he would have gigs in Jazz music clubs. When synthesizers came out he mastered the art of computer assisted composition not long after that did he release on EMI French record label. His musical creativity helped him  quickly grasp technologically advanced programming and once he started he pushed all the boundaries and created a new genre that we now know as World chill out music. He searches for music that carries spiritual and cultural significance.

He is best known for his musical contribution to the famous compilations of Buddha Bar although he had composed music for The BBC, SwissAir Airlines and made hundreds of video game soundtracks for Ubisoft. Walt Disney and Paramount Pictures. He has even won a Cesar award for best music written for a film and two awards at the Cannes Film festival for the famous Movie “ Queen Margot”.

His album Travel Impressions which he composed for Buddha Bar led him to record all over in the middle east and his friend Fred Spillmann did the design for the images and filmed those all in Asia.  What makes  Travel Impressions so interesting is the mix of those two combinations.

For his own Album called  Frequencies he travelled to Bangladesh, Syria, Egypt, India and Cambodia. He went there to record people of significant cultures. The Bauls that he recorded are people that attempt to liberate their souls by music and through dance. It is a trance like experience. Masson wants to fuse Jams, “I try to make music like the world is, the world is a big melting pot.”  He brings us music that lets us feel humane and helps  us relax with atmospheric sounds in a overstimulated oversampled  music culture.

“The People I have recorded in my music do not have the luxury of hearing the final production these are places where internet is not available”. We should be thankful that we can listen to these sounds  that Masson has gathered in his travels to these distant lands.

Masson most recently came to Korea to bring his sound to a historic silent film 1905 “The Impossible Voyage” at the Busan International Film Festival. “This Movie was from the beggining time of Cinema and at that time characters could only express their feelings, their emotions by their gestures. With his Musical Composition he wanted to make the actors dance, make them move like a modern Ballet.

For more on Daniel Masson check out www.danielmasson.net

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