Damien Rice

1월 5, 2012 at 8:26 오전
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By John Glynn
On Wednesday, January 11, 2012, Damien Rice will play a one-off show at Olympic Hall (in Olympic Park), Seoul. This is sure to be an event, a quite remarkable event.
Damien Rice is supposed to be, by all accounts, a singer-songwriter—nothing more, nothing less. For many years now, the Irishman has completely defied any expectations placed upon him. He’s released records solely through an independent label, no radio airplay except towards the far left of the dial, and yet, he regularly sells out impressively sized arenas
I can vividly recall my first Damien Rice gig. Met with thunderous applause, Damien (along with vocalist Lisa Hannigan) strolled onto the stage and, after a few muttered words, launched into the beloved B-side “The Professor.” Damien’s cool, calm and collected connection with the crowd seemed to come from the same stable as Neil Young. It never seemed abnormal or scripted, and ensured the crowd was totally consumed by his genius. One of the night’s finest points was the crowd pleaser “Blowers Daughter,” with its infectious line “I can’t take my eyes off you.” This incredibly simple phrase is repeated constantly throughout the song and has left an undying impression, even all these years later. The most effective tool, other than the assembly of pedals at his feet, was the distortion microphone, which was positioned alongside the regular one, allowing Rice to switch easily between conventional singing and a fuzzed out shriek.
After a Leonard Cohen cover, Radiohead’s “Creep”, and a few more songs from O, nearly three hours had passed. The audience was left astounded, exhausted and wanting more. The idea of a sullen and hushed toned singer songwriter had been forgotten—Damien Rice was not of that vein, at least not on this occasion.
The music wove back and forth between extremes all night, all the time keeping those in attendance unequivocally focused. “Cold Water”, one of the most sincere and more dominant tracks from O, began after a demand from Rice to turn the lights completely off was answered. In the hushed and eerie darkness, the focus was solely on the lyrics. I can’t recall the exact setlist, but there was the mandatory “Blower’s Daughter”, “Cannonball”, and “Delicate”. There was also an inspiring “Grey Room”, a somewhat standard “Elephant”, a haunting “Accidental Babies”, and a toned-down piano-driven performance of “Rootless Tree”. This was pretty cool, but I prefer this track in its animated album form. Truthfully, I was enraptured by the entire event. Even the venue was amazing (Vicar Street, Dublin, Ireland) – lavish, rather immoderate and extremely relaxing.
Experiencing his live show is something quite special. You have to feel Damien Rice; you must try and understand his complex nature. If you feel every note of melancholy, sorrow and bi-polarism, then you will surely experience something spectacular.
Tickets for his Seoul show went on sale November 28 through ticket.interpark.com and are priced:
R seat KRW 165,000
S seat KRW 132,000 (includes VAT)

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