Adidas Originals, United All Originals Live with Snoop Dogg

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Adidas Originals, United All Originals Live with Snoop Dogg
A Global Super Star with a sky rocketing 30 million album sales worldwide!
The living Hip Hop Legend Snoop Dogg, his very first live show in Korea

Our forever and only godfather of hip hop Snoop Dogg is coming to Korea for the first time in his life on the 4th of May (Saturday) to perform at the United All Originals Live with Snoop Dogg at Olympic Park Soccer Stadium.

As a leader in street fashion with the pursuit of making a difference in the fashion world, Adidas Originals is holding their very first show with global artist and brand model Snoop Dogg to deliver the message that true originality can only be born when you express, share and mix each and every one’s originality.

Snoop Dogg, with his unique style of rap and voice was discovered by DR. DRE who produced Snoop’s first album “The Chronic” and made him famous. His next album which was released in the following year, “Doggy Style”, was the first debut album that made number one on the Billboard chart and shocked everyone with his slow yet provocative rap style and lyrics. 20 years later, he still remains a west coast living legend selling a record breaking 170 million albums in the USA alone.

Snoop Dogg is working as a global model for Adidas Originals and is called a fashionista with his own style and originality which has brought him to appear on many movies and reality TV shows. He also ranks number 4 as The Most Influential Celebrity by Twitter and shows that he is now beyond music and has become a cultural icon/artist who leads pop culture around the world.

Special Guest 2NE1,
Ready to perform united with Snoop Dogg for Korean fans

Adidas Originals Korea’s model 2NE1, progressive music and fashion icon member of the Black Eyed Peas, Will.I.Am, International fashion designer Jeremy Scott and many other artists will appear on the stage united with Snoop Dogg.

Both with their own style and originality, Snoop Dogg and 2NE1 are creating so much suspense not only for having two global stars united on the stage but also two artists together working and performing united at the same time in Korea.

Also DJ crew DDND MVMT (Dead End Movement) who is famous for diversifying Korea’s standardized club scenes with their colorful DJ selections has also joined the opening line up to heat up the crowd.

Tickets for the United All Originals Live with Snoop Dogg will begin at 2pm on 26th March on the Interpark Ticket website (, (Inquiry: 010-3360-7846). Also Adidas is holding an event for customers who purchase Adidas Originals products where you can win a chance to receive a free ticket.

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