[ArtM Artist Interview] AUX World Music Band

4월 24, 2013 at 12:31 오전
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AUX from CultureM on Vimeo.

Q: About World music band AUX
AUX: Let’s say we are the rising star in the fusion music industry where each musician is from a different field of music and we got together to do what we like to do. Everyone seems quite curious about our name AUX, but it simply came from a label on one of the outlets in the sound mixer. As Aux receives sound from the external environment then produces the sound, we as a band like to take in as many different sources of music and produce new music by processing it with our own touch of colors.

Q: The biggest Attraction and characteristics of Korean Classical music
AUX: Firstly I think Korean traditional instruments make an inherently unique sound. Also it’s very difficult to harmonize its sound with western instruments. The sounds just don’t mix together when you play these two instruments simultaneously. It has been a huge challenge for us but we don’t want to give up just because it’s difficult. We actually enjoy the creative process of putting these very different sounds together and it has been motivating for us to have this constructive challenge.

Q: Introducing Korean sound to the World, What is of the utmost importance ?
AUX: To be honest, we weren’t a team who gathered with a grand mission to do something with traditional instruments. We were just together because we wanted to do something special with the music we liked so we didn’t really think about doing something particularly traditional. We heard something interesting and wanted to do something with it, then it lead on to the next sound that interested us so we thought we should do something with this one as well. That’s how we work. I think that’s why people like our music instead of feeling alienated by it because we enjoyed making it so that people can enjoy listening to it.

Q: What was American tour like?
AUX: When we were rehearsing at the Kennedy center, I realized that Korean instruments were a difficult challenge for western music engineers and audiences to understand because they didn’t have any information or experience regarding Korean instruments. We had Korean American audiences but also had other Americans in the audience and I felt a bit disappointed that I couldn’t really interact with the audience entirely because I wasn’t sure whether our music was interesting or even enjoyable to them or not.

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