Live-cinema exhibition & short film Project, ‘KYOUL’

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Photos by GAHOEDONG60

Live-Cinema exhibition and Short Film Project, ‘K Y O U L’ held at Gallery GAHOEDONG60 from 8 to 13 November. KYOUL means Winter in Korean, BOM is Spring and YOELEUM is Summer. It is Rafaël’s 1 year – 4 seasons live-cinema exhibition and shorts films projects made in Korea, where he live currently. Every season composed by many sequences, divided by dates, and presented in chronological order as live-cinema performances, installations, screenings, etc.

KYOUL_Live-Cinema exhibition and Short Film Project

Rafaël is one of Europe’s most highly regarded visual artists. He has performed in festivals, museums and cultural institutions throughout Europe, America and Asia. His work can best be describe as Live Cinema– a confluence of video, conceptual art and experimental music, all composed and interpreted before live audiences. More detail information,

JESUSOFGANGNAM _Live-Cinema exhibition and Short Film Project

11월 8일부터 11월 13일까지 북촌한옥마을 입구에 위치한 한옥갤러리 ‘가회동60’에서 라파엘 작가의 영상전시가 열린다. 라이브시네마 아티스트인 라파엘은 한국의 유명 패션 디자이너 분들과 콜라보 작업을 해왔으며 최근에는 ‘THISISWORKHAZARD’ 프로덕션의 박진희 사진작가와 함께 컨템포러리 아트와 패션을 연결하는 교두보 역할의 작업을 진행해왔다.

VOWELS flatten _Live-Cinema exhibition and Short Film Project


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