Psapp, London’s hottest band? 독특한 그들의 노래, Psapp

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Psapp, the London-based specialize in producing an irregular sound, an atypical brand of music, so to speak.  The beats are delicate, and the electronic music seems to have a heavy Hot Chip influence. What Makes Us Glow, their latest release, sees an assembly of bossa nova rhythms and junkyard breakbeats. Sounds strange, right? Yes, but it is this eccentricity and creativity, from the superimposed organs to the glorious glockenspiels haunting piano play, that sets them apart from conformity.  The aforementioned junkyard breakbeats are merged with sorrowful vocals in a manner that shows the UK is still producing artists of immense creativity.

Unfortunately, for many people Psapp are best known for composing one of the most infuriating pieces of music in history. The Grey’s Anatomy theme song, now probably playing in your head (apologies), catapulted the band into the media spotlight, especially in the USA. Fear not, Grey’s Anatomy is a distant memory, and the band is back with a thunderous bang. This, their fourth studio album, after a four year hiatus, shows the naysayers that this twosome are much more than cheesy TV show soundtrack specialists.

Saying that their latest release (What Makes Us Glow) is experimental is like saying Jeremy Clarkson likes cars. This album is heavily experimental, with extensive reliance upon eccentric percussion, which (I kid you not) includes toy guitars and fairytale sounding flutes, Now, let’s be honest, musical testing is something they’ve flirted with before, however, here they push the boundaries even further. What Makes Us Glow is bizarre but in a good way, like the late, great Mitch Hedberg’s comedy. Speaking of psychedelic experiences (thanks Mitch), this album brings the listener along a pathway that could have possibly appeared in Fear and Loathing.

An eccentric and concise composition, we are treated to 12 songs in the space of 40 minutes. A certain equilibrium is something that is lacking in today’s world of music, however, here, the listener is embraced by a sheer sense of balance. The sometimes tedious choral chants are shrewdly counterbalanced by mischievously, somewhat effervescent instrumentation. ‘Seven’, a personal favourite of yours truly, is a shining example of the stability that is so hard to execute correctly.

The pertinently named ‘In And Out’ is as disconcerting as it is alluring, and if I may refer back to Mitch Hedberg, this rack is similar simply because it is so strange it actually makes sense. Entertaining and memorable, isn’t that what experiencing music is all about? Thankfully, Psapp’s refusal to conform is still well and truly alive, they haven’t abandoned those lovable habits and proclivities that define them as a band, you know what I mean, the sheer eccentricity that makes you question their creative sanity.  ‘Toytronica’ , an affectionate label regularly associated with Psapp’s style  is as precise a description that any music fan can conjure up.  This tag comes from the instrumentation that the duo integrates into their customary sound,. Jammed full of mischievous rhythms and ruptures of glorious melodies, this album is truly a revelation.

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