Made in New Zealand, Broods 가장 주목해야할 올해의 신인, Broods

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Text by John Glynn  /  Photos by Broods

Broods is composed of Georgia and Caleb Nott, a duo who possess a special connection, they are brother and sister. An exciting aspect of their creativeness is their refusal to produce typical, “chart-friendly” music.  Upon releasing the delectable single Bridges at the tail end of last year, The New Zealanders shot to stardom. A melancholic tale of a decaying relationship, its poetic despondency came submerged in a sea of progressively pervasive synths. The unique thing about Georgia and Caleb is this: they have mastered the art of expressing grief in the most stunning way imaginable. Co-produced by Joel Little, the mastermind behind Lorde’s Pure Heroine record, the duos latest single, Never Gonna Change is a sumptuous feast of lush beats. The twosome employ a familiar lyrical style, as this is another elegy to the difficulties and intricacies of modern day relationships, all narrated in an ominous manner.


Georgia’s choral ability is as haunting as it is beautiful. Going straight for the jugular, the powerful vocalist confesses her emotional disposition over the pulsating, yet temperate, electronic beat. It is safe to say that Lorde isn’t the only New Zealand-based pop musician demanding our respect and attention. While Bridges was stunning in its own right, there is something more eerie and indefinable about Never Gonna Change. The Kiwis latest single is superior to its predecessor in every way conceivable. Musically, it is an exciting time for the rugby-obsessed nation. Producing exceptional bands such as The Coolies and Lawrence Arabia, New Zealanders can now add Broods to this venerable list of accomplished artists.

john glynnContributor, John Glynn

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