Beck comes back with new album, ‘Morning Phase’ 20년이 지나도 여전한 가수, 벡

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Since Beck’s last glorious LP, Modern Guilt, so much has occurred in the 43 year olds life. Incurring a back injury that made simple pleasures like strumming on his guitar a painful process, the American musician set about launching various projects.  One of these ventures included the opening of a rather impressive art gallery. 2008’s Modern Guilt was a truly dynamic record, never once losing that beautiful, trippy sensation we get once we listen to a Beck album. His desire to experiment is what makes him a unique talent, from muted, lingering tracks to mind-altering, hallucinatory anthems, Cali’s coolest cat certainly knows how to deliver.

Morning Phase, Beck’s latest album, is a nostalgic event, one that inhabits an altered creative universe. Cast your mind back to 2002, a year the brainchild behind Loser released Sea Change, a record which truly defined the hipster as an epic artist. A truly distinguishing piece of work, Morning Phase carries the same introspective, reminiscent vibe that we encountered 12 years ago. While Sea Change may not be a direct follow-up to Morning Phase, it is a spiritual descendant of sorts, one that shares a similar premise. Favouring sprawling ballads over electro driven, trip-funk, Beck sits back and lets the scene unfold gorgeously.

An all encompassing record, infectious and demonstrative, pinnacles range from elevated orchestral displays to affectionate, magnanimous, opulently textured vocals. It is easy to see why Beck Hansen’s twelfth studio album was so eagerly anticipated. Following the aforementioned six-year hiatus, it is refreshing to see that Beck still possesses the desire to push artistic boundaries.


Here, the lush, psychedelic harmonies that significantly impacted Hansen’s youth are apparent. On Wave, the album’s standout track, that 70’s L.A vibe is palpable, drifting with corporeal simplicity. On Blue Moon, the luxuriant lead single, Hansen bemoans feelings of isolation; “I’m so tired of being alone,” before proceeding to talk about a taciturn influence that originates “inside my silent asylum.” Though the lyrics may sound bleak, however, the music is anything but. Instruments ranging from a beautifully caressed mandolin to a perfectly played piano help impel the majestic melody.

Similar to the artistic approach encountered on Sea Change, the tracks are very much crafted gems, individualistic and each extremely distinctive. The 12 songs feel loved, creations that have been consciously fashioned. A methodical musician, Beck has delivered an LP that has been crafted in an old-school, solicitous manner. A vintage sound that encapsulates those special, life defining experiences, it’s difficult not to embark upon an introspective journey as you kick back and unwind. Like a fine wine, Beck just seems to get better with age.

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