WILLIAM FITZSIMMONS’s new album, ‘LIONS’ 윌리엄 피츠시몬스의 새앨범, ‘라이언스’

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Photos by williamfitzsimmons

William Fitzsimmons is an unorthodox singer-songwriter, a non-conforming, 21st century poet. Lions, his fifth LP, is an undeviating example of this heretical nature that underlines the creative prowess in his possession. Impelled by gentle finger picking and ethereal vocals, “Well Enough” kicks off proceedings, setting an unvarying tone for the entire album. Silently, Fitzsimmons conveys his outlying hesitancies; we witness a man heavily burdened by sombre psychological issues. Renowned for intricately linking emotions with heart-rending lyrics, Fitzsimmons reflects back on relationship failures. Touching yet very depressing, the “I hope I made you laugh” line is one impaled by barbs of reservation and misery.

His sombre delivery is often associated with laziness, a lack of enthusiasm, with many critics declaring that perhaps a shot of adrenaline would do the musician a world of good; however, this style separates Fitzsimmons from the proverbial herd. The next two tracks, “Blood Chest” and “Hold On,” posses the same mannerisms as the opener. Both tracks are classic finger picking folk melodies, carrying an air of despondency that we have always associated with the tormented artist.  The expressive whispers of “Blood Chest” are as poignant as they are evocative; especially when the American delivers the line “You are the blood in my chest”.



Although Lions will fail to charm some listeners, it is indeed a career-defining album for the Illinois based artist. An evolution in lyrical delivery, his latest LP explores an evident personal transformation, from his nostalgic evaluations to his brutally honest, panoramic view on love.  Vocally impressive, Fitzsimmons’ voice is somewhat divisive, not everybody is enthused by his breathy, throaty delivery, however, for many, this is a truly beautiful quality, Fitzsimmons unique selling point. A man who has experienced emotional turmoil, Fitzsimmons is obviously still scarred; encouraging us to accompany him on a journey paved by regret.

Instrumentally sharp, the previously mentioned picking is complimented beautifully by aspects such as lush vocals and a skilfully caressed violin. Flawless and unblemished are terms thrown around aimlessly by certain critics, and Fitzsimmons record is neither, but let’s be honest, isn’t perfection unattainable? Sigur Ros, Bon Iver & Radiohead are about the only artists of recent times that could really be described as immaculately rounded. While Lions showcases elements of precision, some of the tracks on the second half of the LP lack a cutting edge dimension that is necessary to warrant a description of perfection. Fitzsimmons is very much an artist who is acknowledged for his signature musical approach. Unfortunately for him, while truly skilled in the art of comforting, morose narratives, his resilient relationship with casualness may be the LPs downfall.

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