A lovely actress who adores the audience, Choi Woo Ri 배우 최우리는 솔직합니다

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Photos by Musical Heaven

Once Choi Woo-Ri was a student full of dreams in the theatre and film department and now she has established herself as a representative actress in Korean musicals. From 2003 to 2014, she has been working in numerous musicals and showing her own characteristic color and true qualities on stage. Choi Woo-Ri is a beautiful actress. Lately, she also has been working to expand her acting resume from theatre to movies and dramas. CultureM Magazine meets an actress Choi Woo-Ri who always thinks of an audience first and does her best to interact with them.



단지 연기가 좋아 연극영화과에 입학했던 꿈 많던 여대생이 어느덧 대한민국 뮤지컬을 대표하는 배우로 성장했다.  2003년도부터 2014년까지 꾸준히 다수의 뮤지컬에 출연하며 자신만의 색깔로 무대를 채색해 온 아름다운 그녀, 배우 최우리. 최근 그녀는 무대를 넘어 영화와 드라마까지 연기영역을 넓히고 있다. 관객을 먼저 생각하고 그들과의 진정한 소통을 위해 캐릭터에 심취하는 배우 최우리를 컬쳐엠매거진이 만났다.




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