Who Is a real monster in this world? 고질라도 자세히 보면 귀엽습니다

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Gareth Edwards, a man who gained critical acclaim with his feature-film debut, “Monsters,” directs “Godzilla,” a movie where the legendary monster, finds itself pitted against nefarious creatures. These very creatures are seemingly encouraged by the scientific superciliousness of the human race, and pose a real threat to our very survival.

For quite some time, without doubt, I have possessed a hatred of recent monster movies. So inevitable and tacky, these flops have relied heavily on CGI effects, all the time disregarding the notion of a decent storyline or any real character expansion. However, with that being said, “Godzilla” is undoubtedly the finest monster movie in years. WB and Legendary, its producing associate for almost a decade, financed the movie, their first big-budget project since 2013’s rather divisive “Pacific Rim.” Legendary must be vigorously praying that “Godzilla” is indeed a success, hopefully ending the recent misery experienced by the monster genre at the U.S. box office. The previously mentioned “Pacific Rim” accumulated a meagre $102 million domestic on a $190 million production budget.

Posed with the unenviable task of redeeming “Godzilla” 16 years after Roland Emmerich’s extremely costly flop, Edwards opted to cast “Breaking Bad” star Bryan Cranston alongside the iconic reptile, while Aaron Taylor Johnson from “Kick Ass” and the beautiful Elizabeth Olson co-star.

Very few things in the world of entertainment are faultless, and “Godzilla” is far from perfect, with elements of pitiable dialog seeping in throughout. Yes, cheesy dialog will always appear in big budget, Hollywood blockbusters, but overall, cringe worthy flashes aside, this monster movie turned out to be a thoroughly enjoyable watch. The artistic direction of the film is rather admirable, with plenty of suspense favoured over full blown, unremitting CGI visuals. A monster film with a classic feel, the stylistic approach is one that rivals King Kong and Independence Day. The story of Godzilla emerging to re-establish the balance of nature is done in the most unexpected and refreshing of ways.

As good as it is, this 3D movie finds itself a filling in a proverbial sandwich. Nestled in between the release of Sony’s “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” and Fox’s “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” Gareth Edwards will likely see his summer blockbuster falter in its battle with the cinematic superheroes. Both the aforementioned competitors are from more established brands, even though the “Godzilla” promo was the most-viewed movie trailer in the first quarter of 2014. Not many would question the fact that Godzilla is one of the most internationally identifiable movie monsters ever, and the Japanese and Chinese viewers could end up having a very big say in its success, as the hunger for monster movies in Asia seems to be insatiable. However, the movie will not return to Japan, its country of origin, until July 25.



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