It’s been a long time, god’s regular 8th album 일동기립, 오빠들이 돌아왔다

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Photos by SIDUS HQ

There was a Korean boy group called god. They were all five member, and had so many memorable records in K-pop history as a group. Suddenly, Yoon Kye Sang who was a member of god left them without adieu in 2002. But they were still god just four. Then, god was not to last, they said goodbye in 2005. The members have gone to solo careers after disbanding during 9 years.

Leaving behind so many stories, 5 men is comeback in 9 years. Finally, god has released their 8th album “Chapter 8” on today. As a boy group, they debuted with the single “To Mother” in 1999. After winning the best award for the three major broadcasting systems in Korea for their multi-million selling 4th album. Also, the group was one of the few groups to have an album become a “million seller” in K-pop.

The 8th album “Chapter 8” was almost composed & written by best Korean producer, Duble Sidekick & a member of god, Kim Tae Woo. Especially, this album features easy listening & sympathy like god’s past album. In short, they tried to communicate with fans with warm-heart once more. There are 14 tracks included title song, “Our story”, “Saturday night”, “Blue promise”, “Smile”, “Stand up” etc. In case of title song “Our story”, a rising rookie Korean female singer ‘Megan Lee’ had sung a song together with god. Now lest us proceed, it is certainly sure that god’s 8th album “Chapter 8” is the most expected album in this summer. Why? It is time to show ‘real value of seniors”.

Meanwhile, they will hold concert at Jamsil Sports Complex on July 12~13. SidusHQ, who is in charge of god’s comeback, revealed that the profit from the sales will be donated to the Sewol relief effort.


1999년 자장면 열풍을 일으키며 ‘어머님께’로 데뷔한 god. 2000년 3집 음반 184만장, 2001년 4집 음반 171만장 이상을 판매, 방송 3사 가요대상을 수상하는 등 국민그룹으로 불리며 최고의 전성기를 구가한 god. 윤계상 없는 god로는 2005년 정규 7집 “하늘 속으로” 이후 9년의 시간. 윤계상까지 포함한 완전한 god로는 2002년 5집 ‘챕터 5” 이후 12년의 시간이 지난 2014년 7월. 뛰어나게 잘생기지는 않았지만 끈임 없이 정이 갔던 오빠들, god가 드디어 돌아왔다.

8집 정규 앨범 “챕터 8”은 대한민국 최고 작곡가인 이단옆차기와 god의 김태우가 공동 프로듀싱한 작품으로 듣기 편안한 음악, 공감대를 이끌어낼 수 있는 음악이 주를 이뤘다. 특히 타이틀곡 “우리가 사는 이야기”는 일렉트릭 피아노 라인을 바탕으로 god 멤버들과 신인가수 메건 리가 함께했다. 연주곡을 포함해 총 14곡이 수록된 이번 앨범을 통해 세대를 관통했던 god만의 감성이 얼마큼 전달될지 기대가 된다. 각설하고, 9년만에 8집 앨범을 발표한 god의 소식은 2014년 여름에 가장 주목되는 이야기라는 것은 틀림없는 사실이다.

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