She is so hot, actress Kim Bo Jung 끓어 넘치는 뜨거운 여자, 배우 김보정

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Photos by Blue Bicycle Productions

Actress Kim Bo Jung is clear and simple. She says she is happiest and most thrilled when she is working with her senior actors and feeling the breath of audience. She didn’t think acting was the destined job for her, however you can see her deep passion and bottomless efforts in her acting now that can’t be seen in other actors in her age. She has been in the center of her audience since her debut musical “Oh! While you were sleeping” in 2008. CultureM Magazine sat down with an actress who is boiling hot with her own passion, Kim Bo Jung.

배우 김보정은 단순하고 명쾌하다. 무대 위에서 선배 배우들과 호흡을 맞추며 객석에 앉아있는 관객들의 숨소리를 느낄 때 가장 행복하고 짜릿하다고 한다. 천상 배우가 업이라고 생각하지는 않았지만 이제 그녀의 연기는 동년배의 눈빛에서 느낄 수 없는 치열한 노력이 묻어난다. 2008년 뮤지컬 “오! 당신이 잠든 사이”로 관객들의 이목을 사로잡기 시작한 끓어 넘칠 만큼 뜨거운 배우, 김보정을 컬쳐엠매거진이 만났다.


Kim Bo Jung

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Kim Bo Jung

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