Aoife meets Jennifer, ‘Antebellum’ 이퍼와 제니퍼, 두 명의 아일랜드 작가들

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Photos by Aoife Casey & Jennifer Murphy

This year two artists embarked together on a creative project to inspire and encourage each other creatively from different sides of the world, Aoife Casey in Seoul, South Korea and Jennifer Murphy in Dublin, Ireland. The Affinity is a series of works born from the idea that two friends and artists can collaborate, to produce images centred around chosen themes, bridging the miles between them through art.

So far eleven themes have been covered. This is a look at the most recent theme, ‘Antebellum’ the artists thoughts behind the produced images. The artists will be exhibiting a collection of their works from The Affinity in Dublin, Ireland in the summer, 2015. Follow the works at


Weeds and Wildings and a rose or two -Aoife Casey

Weeds and Wildings and a rose or two – Photo by Aoife Casey

'Duty to Thyself' Aoife Casey

‘Duty to Thyself’ – Photo by Aoife Casey

Aoife’s inspiration for the theme of ‘Antebellum’ came from researching portraits of women from that era. Adorned with gowns and restricted to domestic setting and lifestyle Aoife wanted to play on this by having the model, within this setting but having a defiant expression and posture and dominantly owning the picture. Women have come a long way from chattels to equals however there is still a long way to go.



Antebellum – Photo by Jennifer Murphy


Antebellum 2 – Photo by Jennifer Murphy


The Garden Of The Badb – Photo by Jennifer Murphy

Badb Catha (Battle Crow)

Badb Catha(Battle Crow) – Photo by Jennifer Murphy

Jennifer’s research into futuristic apocalyptic images sparked the idea of a war that has yet to come and immediately setlled on the heather hills and bogland of the Dublin Mountains, known here as ‘The Featherbeds’ which has a scorched look to it in summer.
The look and concept of this shoot was also inspired by Irish legends about war goddesses. ‘Badb’, according to Irish legends, was a goddess associated with war and death. Jennifer chose her as the story behind this collection of images as she represented the idea of the coming of war or that we are now in a ‘pre-war/antebellum’ state.


Aoife Casey is a Seoul based photographer who has attained a Degree in Fine Art in Dublin’s NCAD. For the last ten years she has exhibited extensively and as an artist is interested in depicting ideas of gender, beauty ideals and femininity in her works swell as explorations of sensorial experiences within social, cultural, architectural and environmental spaces. Her images are of a deeply-felt style which is individualistic, exotic, beautiful and emotionally wrought.

Jennifer Murphy is a Dublin based photographer studying Applied Psychology in DLIADT.For the last four years she has been interested in exploring the body both classically and conceptually and how the individual relates to the landscape. Recently Jennifer began to depict images which relate to different social issues, both domestic and global, concentrating on the self-image, representation of the androgynous and the perception of beauty.



Contributoir, Aoife Caseyfsadfadgsdfg

She is an Irish artist living and working in Seoul, Korea. She expresses problems of existence with performance, photo, sculpture, installation more than 10 years. She is in full activity with her own view as an artist in recent.

아일랜드 출신의 작가 이퍼 케이시는 10년 이상을 퍼포먼스, 조각, 설치, 사진 등의 작업을 통해 인간의 신체적 혹은 존재의 문제를 다루어 왔다. 2013년 부터 서울에 거주하며 활발한 활동을 하고 있다.

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