It isn’t abandoned, ‘The Lost Playground’ 단지 잊힌 것 뿐입니다

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Photos by Aoife Casey

“Life’s just a merry-go-round. Come on up. You might get a brass ring.” by Mae West.

As an artist I am always on the lookout for new, diverse and interesting locations to shoot stories at and I decided to explore YongmaLand, an old amusement park north east of Seoul with my model, Joy Dalay for the day.



The park is home to old space ships, merry-go-round, viking swinging ships, bumper cars and all your other favorites as a kid. It may be classed as ‘abandoned’ but it is still open to the public and for an entrance fee of 5,000 won given to the owner at the side gate you are permitted to enter.


The owner seems a friendly and happy man who is delighted of the attention his ‘abandoned’ park is receiving and was eager and proud to show streams of K-pop videos and Korean drama episodes filmed at his park on his phone.


It is interesting that a park closed due to lack of patrons has taken on a new life, as a valued location for many artists. A recommended day trip in Seoul for something different, it can be reached easily by subway to Mangu station. The park is a 10 min cab ride from there, exit 1.


A huge thanks to my incredible model for the day Joy Dalay-On whose energy and joy at being at the park can be seen in the pictures. A fearless and energetic model, it is always fantastic working with her.



Photography: Aoife Casey
Model: Joy Dalay-On
Location: Yongma Land, Seoul



Contributoir, Aoife Caseyfsadfadgsdfg

She is an Irish artist living and working in Seoul, Korea. She expresses problems of existence with performance, photo, sculpture, installation more than 10 years. She is in full activity with her own view as an artist in recent.

아일랜드 출신의 작가 이퍼 케이시는 10년 이상을 퍼포먼스, 조각, 설치, 사진 등의 작업을 통해 인간의 신체적 혹은 존재의 문제를 다루어 왔다. 2013년 부터 서울에 거주하며 활발한 활동을 하고 있다.

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