DOK2’s new digital single “RIATCH” 자수성가형 래퍼, 도끼

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A Korean hip-hop musician, DOK2 has released a new digital single “RIATCH”. In recent, he was called the hottest rapper in Korea, because he said his life philosophy without filtering in the TV show as a rapper. DOK2’s new digital single “RIATCH” was produced by himself, which it tells about his life.

최근 대한민국 힙합씬의 뜨거운 감자로 떠오른 래퍼 도끼가 디지털 싱글 “RIATCH”를 발표했다. 자수성가형 래퍼로 불릴 만큼 오로지 힙합만을 바라보고 꾸준한 활동을 해온 도끼의 이번 싱글 “RIATCH”Rap Star의 삶을 담은 곡이며, 도끼가 직접 프로듀싱했다.

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DOK2’s new digital single “RIATCH”

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