‘Collection from designer, not celebrity’ 빅토리아 베컴의 2015 F/W RTW 콜렉션

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VB collection1

Victoria Beckham 2015 F/W RTW Collection

Victoria Beckham, she is definitely a kind person –at least to her costumers-. When the attempt to mix some ridiculous floral print or military look with her signature –minimalism- went failure, she immediately ordered her design team to change the whole route. “I learned a lot of things from customers of our shop in London” Ms Beckham said. And like that, the newest collection was absolutely a set of more utilitarian, marketable, and of course much more attractive methodology than before.

In 2015 F/W RTW, Victoria Beckham totally proved her great taste of silhouette and draping. Loose cropped pants cynically perch on waist line, sleeveless top twisted in perfectly elegant way, and finally the last look, the cream colored laughing wavelets-like satin dress. It was unable to deny that all of those things looked as cool as Beckham herself.

Most of buyers sitting on front row were so exited looking this beautiful shopping list that will successfully embellish one of the walls of the shop that they take charge. Otherwise, with cynical face, making ready for cruel vitriol, the press seems a little bit confused of unexpected ‘not bad’ collection. At least, no one in there can blame on VB’s strong will.

On the other hand, one of the main themes of the show was coat -the thing I didn’t really interested in, unfortunately-. Those were all big as one. But without the big button, they were much the same as the old one. Rather, eye-opening progress was dress and color palette. First, in these fresh, polished appetizer-like dresses, some elegant distortions or holes were discovered. London women –and also in upper east side- will greedily savour it.

VB collection2

Victoria Beckham 2015 F/W RTW Collection

Another topic, in case of color, like mustard colored culottes pants matched with navy top in 12 look, or vivid orange colored coat, fervent charm captivated an audience. There were also some relaxed cream and deep navy which soak through all chunky knits, and modern harmony of camel or burgundy on ankle boots. Everything on the runway was smooth and easy.

Finally when we arrived at that concise finale, I could understand some avant-garde elements of her show for the first time. Those were condensed in agile asymmetry, purposeful distortion, and some silhouette.

But nevertheless, what I really doubt about her was this; besides the minimalism –almost her creed-, is she paying attention to some other esthetics? Quite frankly, I’m not sure about this. I cannot help ask my second question. ‘Victoria Beckham will grow up to an artist? Or does she even want to be one?’

Many celebrities enjoy showing their frivolous taste in the name of ‘designer’. Frankly speaking, we won’t even compare them with latent students of Central Saint Martins. But in case of VB, she is a definite designer, and successful person. This collection proved it.



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