Lee Ji Sun’s art life of research, ‘About the frame’ 테두리 속 인간의 삶에 관하여

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Images by Lee Ji Sun


Exhibition view, Marcel Duchamp at Centre Pompidou, 2014 – Image source : LEE Ji Sun

Spreading endlessly in every direction, the world is contained in a number of different frames. Landscapes and people dressed in the paint are drawn in the square canvas, and the round clock runs with the needle turning in the promised direction with the same speed everywhere in the global time world.

Unexperienced things are contained in the light frame to be shown on a square screen of other people living halfway around the world, and their thoughts and emotions transform in written words or icons to be expressed in digital mechanism. Our sight that was moving aimlessly in the borderless infinity of the air stops by the border as if it met an insurmountable boundary and returns back the way it has come inside.


Photography, research for video Vue(Digital Photography, 2010) – Image source : LEE Ji Sun

Wider than the sight, trees extend their branches freely and quicker than the eyes, birds fly in all directions. We look at the scene in front of eyes through the screen of the camera to memorize with it and search for our own appearance in the plane of the mirror. Twin frames sometimes brighten the misty eyes, sometimes darken the view to prevent from the burning sunlight, and also put the dynamic volume on the flat screen. Inside the borders of a small nail in each fingertip contain colorful pictures, and people put various looks on differently shaped round faces.


i : n train(Video excerpt, 2014) – Image source : LEE Ji Sun

Things seen in the past were taken within the borders of photographs, which are stored in the screen of a phone or computer, or on my own hands in the present. Unlike the body fixed still in front, our imagination enters to the wider and deeper world once it gets fascinated by the images living inside the picture or the screen.

Separating the space like fences and cutting off the flow of air, Frames are also like pores placed on a fully charged plane surface. And they hold the past scenes and move with the present towards the future. The time passing in a framework has a distinguished tempo and weight from that in the other one.


Installation view, ‘Sol LeWitt: Structures, 1965 – 2006’, Open Cubes – Image source : openingceremony.us

Birth, rest and departure, the circulation of the frame repeats generations after generations and the world is intertwined with a variety of borders. Not only rectangular or circular, they also make uncountable shapes with dozens of vertices or even with blurred boundaries. The frameworks met at one point of the crossing cycle report and fit the contours pieces by pieces to be summed together like a puzzle.

Then several elements compose a temporary scene which may evoke a memory to certain people or give an answer to others. A torn sheet of paper could be the most important support for the artist who expresses emotions and thoughts of the time, which would remain for a long time, or it could capture the most precious words which would never reach by saying.


La persistencia de la memoria(1931) – Salvador Dali – Image source : wikiart.org

Thus, we live in a variety of frames. In the open field, we create borders called a home where so many tiny and extraordinary stories begin from inside. We make holes on the solid wall to put windows and doors which allow to communicate with outside, receiving sun and moon lights, gazing the clouds and appreciating the live picture of nature.

Then we demolish the walls to reconfigure the rooms and twist the direction of the apex to change the flow of air. Fitting our lives in different sizes and shapes that already exist, we also try constantly to creat new frameworks. Born in the one given by his/her mother and father, the baby grows up and construct another\aresembling but the new home of his/her own beyond the fence.



SONY DSCContributor, Lee Ji Sun

Lee Ji Sun is a young Korean artist, who does activity in Paris, France. CultureM Magazine releases her art works images by drawing, writing, video, photograph in every month. http://artleejisun.com/

이지선은 프랑스 파리를 중심으로 유럽에서 활동하는 젊은 한국여성작가이다. 회화, 비디오, 사진, 글 등의 다양한 매체로 작품활동을 하고 있는 그녀의 이야기를 컬쳐엠이 소개한다. http://artleejisun.com/

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