Cheetah’s comeback single ‘My Number’ 치타중독

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Finally, a Korean female rapper CHEETAH has released a comeback single ‘My Number’. It took a while for Mnet’s ‘UNPRETTY RAPSTAR’ winner to release a new song. Once you listen to her music, you’ll understand what too her so long. Cheetah’s new song is far from being “just trendy”. It is well-made, representing her identity, and the intense music video wouldn’t have worked for anyone else but Cheetah herself.

The title track ‘My Number’ is filled with beats that are strong and catchy, but emotional and delicate at the same time. The song shares stories of Cheetah, as a rap star and celebrity, in different numbers. Also, the hybrid hip-hop track ‘Catharsis’ will remind you of a wild cheetah sprinting through the fields of Africa. As the title suggests, this song will make you feel the catharsis, from Cheetah ‘living life to the fullest.’


Cheetah’s comeback single ‘My Number’

언프리티 랩스타의 압도적인 그녀. 래퍼 치타가 싱글 ‘My Number’를 발표했다. 언프리티 랩스타 종영 이후, 모든 음원 사이트에서 소위 ‘차트 줄세우기’를 기록하며 대중의 엄청난 주목을 받아왔던 그녀가 파격적인 뮤직비디오와 치타만의 아이덴티티를 담아 오롯이 담아낸 앨범으로 돌아온 것이다. 중독성 안에 감성적이고 섬세한 비트를 녹여낸 타이틀 트랙 ‘My number’는 ‘랩스타’이자 ‘셀러브리티’가 되어버린 치타를 이야기를 담고 있다. 또한 마치 아프리카를 질주하는 치타를 연상시키는 하이브리드 힙합 트랙 ‘Catharsis’는 ‘현재에 미치자’는 그녀의 카타르시스를 고스란히 느낄 수 있다.


Cheetah’s comeback single ‘My Number’


Cheetah’s comeback single ‘My Number’


Cheetah’s comeback single ‘My Number’


Cheetah’s comeback single ‘My Number’

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