About CultureM Magazine

1. Establishment of CultureM Media
Latest trends that dominate the lives of 21st century involve smart phone revolution led by iPhones and rise of new media channels such as YouTube that facilitate mass communication. Such phenomena are components of new era of communication, the age of renaissance of communication. Internet enables communication of ideas across borders, and people can experience vicariously various events and news that happen in different parts of the world.

컬쳐엠매거진은 한글&영문 텍스트의 영상 인터뷰 콘텐츠로 대한민국 속 다양한 문화 이야기를 전 세계 알리는 비쥬얼 웹 매거진입니다.

CultureM Media’s prime objective is to facilitate communication of Korea-related news to interested people of the world by establishing culture-related online communication channel(CultureM Magazine) to provide Visual News Service in English & Korean

2. Establishment of CultureM Media Society
CultureM will operate its own production system.

First, all video-content and articles will be produced by global experts in corresponding fields, as they will participate as collaborators and editors.

Second, planning, casting and broadcasting will be operated by forming network partnership with expert firms in corresponding fields.

3. Operation of CultureM Media Society
Content production firms participating in a form of network partnership with CultureM will collaborate to produce various offline culture events and TV programs. High-calibur experts in corresponding fields will enable CultureM Media Society’s competitiveness.

4. CultureM Magazine
To encourage active participation in various culture-related activities such as K-Pop, fashion, and art exhibitions, of those interested around the world, CultureM will utilize Volunteer Journalists as Collaborators.

CultureM Magazine had has partnership with Korea Times to provide visual news content. And now, we have big partnership with the best Korea prime economic newspaper, ETODAY to increase traffic to Magazine’s homepage(culturemmag.com) and to increase participation in it, CultureM Magazine will have expert editors in various fields. CultureM Magazine will strengthen its focus in the following areas:

1. Content production ramp-up: to reach out to masses via SNS tools to increase collaborators and writers.
2. Increasing expertise in articles: increase quality of articles by employing a paid-editor
3. Network activation: to increase external network and activities by collaborating closely with Korea Times newspaper
4. Strengthening staff membership: hold regular meetings between participating writers, editors and CultureM operators.

5. ArtM Plus
CultureM Magazine is a brand of ArtM Plus. CultureM takes care of video production for ArtM Plus’s concert which a classic music concert,ArtM plus and ArtM app magazine. Also, we talks all about culture Korea, for example, K-pop, K-artist, K-classic, various cultural events.

Organizational chart of CultureM Media
Chief Editor : 

Editors :
Cameraman and Visual Contents Editor : Tai Young Lee

Marketers : Taek Hee Cho
Designers : Hye Mi Park


2011 07 – Establishment of CultureM Media Society
2011 08 – Sumi Cho, video coverage of Barenboim Peace concert
2011 09 – Launching of CultureM Magazine website
2011 09 – Official business partner of Korea Times
2011 09 – Video coverage of New York Fashion Week
2011 10 – Planning and operation of ‘Jazz Up Your Life’ jazz concert
2011 10 – Video coverage of Paris Fashion Week
2011 10 – Video coverage of Global Gathering Korea
2011 11 – Training of Korean culture at Shenyang-KOTRA trade investment conference
2011 12 – Production of culture content of Hyundai Pharmaceutical’s Miero Fiber
2012 01 – Invited as media representative to USA’s Golden Globe
2012 02 – Signed contracts with Britain’s ITXG (international B2B contents marketplace)
2012 04 – Video coverage of fashion designer Sangbong Lee
2012 05 – Video production of fashion brand John White
2012 07 – Brand launching of “Party with CultureM”
2012 07 – Brand launching of “Artist Calling”
2012 09 – CultureM Media Society’s operation plan
2013 10 – 제 1회 피크닉인서울 단독 영상 취재
2013 11 – 대한민국 최초 미슐랭 투스타 셰프, 임정식 영상 인터뷰
2013 12 – 컬쳐엠매거진 페이스북 좋아요 10만 돌파
2013 12 – 도서출판 창비의 ‘나의 문화유산 답사기’ 일본 큐수 지역 프로모션 단독 취재
2014 01 – 국내 최고의 한복 디자이너 김영석 영상 인터뷰
2014 05 – 세계적인 코믹 클래식 4인조, 살뤼살롱 단독 영상 인터뷰
2014 08 – 컬쳐엠매거진 페이스북 좋아요 20만 돌파
2015 02 – 컬쳐엠매거진 페이스북 좋아요 30만 돌파
2015 08 – 프라임 경제 신문, 이투데이 MOU체결
2015 08 – 컬쳐엠매거진 페이스북 좋아요 40만 돌파

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