Korean Traditional Pattern Wrapping Paper

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In the class taught by Prof. Jung Soo A at Osan College, students majoring in Visual Design worked to make patterns out of Korea’s traditional symbols, flowers, goods, clothes, and even natural environment. Afterwards, wallpapers and wrapping papers were printed based on these students’ works.The number of possibilities multiplied as more than 80 students continued to share their projects and ideas, which led to the creation of even more Korean traditional patterns.

Prof. Jung Soo A knew that reviving the patterns from Korean traditional works and paintings had already been done many times, so she thought modifying and modernizing those patterns to meet the taste of younger generations would be a better idea. She decided to develop these patterns into products because she thought that they are not mere copies of traditional symbols but are creative, modern, and abstract works conveying the perspectives of young students who are living the current era..





Rice wine

muntin Muntin

Mother of pearl

최종 수정 0919 패턴(포ᄌ
Lotus and Moran1

Lotus and Moran2

200820066 임채진-2
Korean pottery

출력 포장지
Flowers and birds

2010200071 박소혜 포장지.
Flower garden


bird Bird

you can meet more designs and purchase the products in an online shop of Osan University, www.66design99.com

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