Seungji Mun, a Furniture Designer

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Designer Seounji Mun with The Four Brothers Chairs

CultureM meets a furniture designer, Seungji Mun, who is originally from Jeju Island, Korea.
He studied at Kaywon School of Art & Design and he is a founder of

SeungJi Mun planned the project named ‘Four Brothers’.
This means that he can make four intact chairs with no loss in one wooden plate.

The size of wooden plate which can be bought in the market is 4*8(2400*1200).

He made the new design so that all pieces of wooden plate can work for function of the chair. So, this design does not make wastage of material.

Mun has made four designs and customers can select the design according to his taste and requirements. Furthermore, this design enables to make 4 chairs by using not only one design but also four designs.

The ‘Four Brothers’ can do the function of general chairs perfectly. It is not a simple design like the chair which does not include back of the chair such as a stool. So it is comfortable even though we use them for long time.

Likewise, Four Brothers is able to make mass production without waste of materials. Also, he could reduce labor cost by CNC (computer numerical control).

This kind of simple work produces one chair so people can save their times, assets, and technologies. Therefore he can do mass production with the same amount of money. That’s why it is beneficial to communities and public institutions which do not pursue its own interests.

The project is suitable for many places such as hall holding performance, lecture, and benches in park.

Mun is sure that it is also good for cafe or bar because design in itself has difference to existing products.

‘Four Brothers’ is eco-friendly composed of material to working process and only use conventional techniques to realize this project. Mun does not need any special techniques. Lastly, he can obtain a lot of products through low capital.

Four Brothers













Size : 520x615x590, 580x625x590, 500x665x580, 530x635x590
Timing of production : April in 2012.
Weight : 4.5kg for each
Material : Ply wood
price : unknown

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