Andre Kim after Andre Kim

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Andre Kim at his fashion show

CulturM meets Kim Choong Do, CEO of ‘Andre Kim’ from CultureM on Vimeo.

Andre Kim was born in Seoul in 1935 and debuted as a designer in 1962. In the same year, he opened up “Le salon Andre” and became Korea’s very first menswear designer. Although with many prejudices against menswear designers, Andre Kim carried on with his characteristic passion for fashion then he finally held his first fashion show as the very first Korean designer in Paris in 1966.

Andre Kim and Teen Kim Choong do

Since then, he rose to fame as being Korean celebrities’ most loved top designer. Up until his passing, he was highly respected for his outstanding passion for numerous charity works and education efforts. In 2012, on the 12th of August Andre Kim passed away at the age of 74 from pneumonia and colorectal cancer.

3 years after Korea’s legendary fashion designer Andre Kim passed away, CEO Kim Joongdo inherited “Andre Kim”.

Andre Kim and Korean stars at Andre Kim show

Kim Joongdo, whose father is still remembered as one of Korea’s representative designers, will tell CultureM about more ordinary yet special stories about having Andre Kim as his father, as being a great Korean designer and as a most loving grandfather to his grandsons.

Model in Andre Kim

(All Images provided by Andre Kim)

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