mpup : Dog House Sofa by Seungji Mun

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16_dog house sofa

The number of people who are living with companion animals is increasing every year. And people treat their pets as a member of family.
Coincide this social situation, mpup based in Korea designs and produces the premium pet furniture.

15_dog house sofa 14_dog house sofa

Korean designer Seungji Mun realized about the social view about pets earlier. He decided to do something new for the pets. And ‘dog house sofa’ in 2012 is the first pet furniture he designed.

The pet house from mpup is based on the research and its consequences of research about puppy.

13_pet house 12_pet house

Seungji Mun is considering about  baby puppies’ weak immune. He uses eco-friendly materials.

11_detail view 10_detail view 9_detail view

‘mpup dog house’ is designed based on a sufficient research, it can be used for all type of dogs from a little puppy to an adult dog.

7_pet bed 1_pet furniture collection)

8_waterproofed 5_working process 4_working process 3_working process 2_pet furniture collection


Seungji Mun

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