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For the New Year, Have you decided anything special? We usually welcome the new year making a fresh resolution. For example, making a lot of money, buying a new car, getting hired and all that stuff, and we write those lists on the new diary with serious determination. Doing like this, we expect we will be more happier than last year. At this point, I want to ask you something basic about real happiness. Are you sure those material things can make you happy? Is it possible for money or luxury stuff to have you feel peaceful?

“If you want to be loved by the world, you have to love yourself.” this is the first message of the book, Things which can be seen if you stop, written by Hye min who is a buddhist monk as well as a professor in the university of Hampshire. He advises on the way to find real happiness in our mind. In these days, people have difficulty feeling happy because there are many competitive things and selfishness in our society that can stir up anxiety and anger of mind. Besides, it’s pervade that we cannot listen to the sound of our inner side to be happy.

By reading this book, you will get the pure, essential solution to understand the human relation, love, mind and the meaning of life. If you have lived so busily or managed to survive in your gloomy world, how about stopping as advice of the book. It will be a nice present for you to feel the purified soul by this book.



Contributor, Ha Young Kyoung

A freelance journalist, Ha Young Kyoung majored German language and literature in University. Based on unique sensitive, she writes about several sections of Korea public culture.

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