The choice of EXID, ‘PRINKLE’ 이엑스아이디의 선택, 프링클

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Photos by PRINLKE

A brand new Korean girl group, EXID is back with their first digital single “UP & DOWN”.  In fact, EXID is a five-member South Korean girl group under Korean music label Yedang Entertainment. The group made their official debut on 2012 with their single “HOLLA”, promoting the title track, “Whoz That Girl”. Finally, EXID has released digital single “UP & DOWN”. “UP & DOWN” is a unique dance song that well mixed impressive chorus with polished arrangement. And EXID’s member, LE composed & wrote “UP & DOWN” with Korea best producer, Shinsadong Tiger, BumyNangy. CultureM Magazine releases EXID ‘s on-line shooting photos.

천편일률적인 걸 그룹의 새로운 대안으로 떠오른 5인조 걸 그룹, EXID. 지난 8월에 발표한 신곡 “위 아래”는 색소폰의 강렬한 라인과 따라 부르기 쉬운 멜로디, 세련된 편곡으로 EXID만의 매력을 색깔을 국내외 팬들에게 각인 시켰다.  컬쳐엠매거진이 최근 진행된 EXID의 프링클 광고 촬영 현장 사진을 독점으로 공개한다.


A lovely Korean girl group, EXID

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