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By Lorenzo Petta Capocci


As always, during the Salone Internazionale del Mobile Milan wears its Sunday best: the City teems with cultural events and every corner hosts exhibitions.
Walking through the streets of the Tortona area, the pulsing heart of the Milanese design, is common to hit on parties of any sort. The show (and the amusement) must go on and beyond time and places officially assigned to the art fair: this is the idea at the base of the great success of the so-called fuorisalone (literally “out of the Salone”).
Among the huge number of events that has made the atmosphere sparkling in Milan a couple of weeks ago there is one worthy a special mention. The event in question has been entitled DanzaCreativa (Creative Dance) and it has taken place at the gallery XL Combines on Friday, April 15.
The name of the exhibition space that hosted the event is someway closely related with the philosophy of the event itself: DanzaCreativa is in fact an original combination of different ingredients, specifically art fun and networking.
It is first of all an art exhibition, a precious opportunity for eight well-known mostly Korean artists to show their last unpublished works in different art fields, from fashion to visual arts, from architecture to haute cuisine.
As entered the two-floor open space you are welcomed by a young and informal environment where people sitting on colorful sofas talk friendly surrounded by paintings and artworks. Differently from the common idea of the artist isolated from the rest of the world, here artists are glad to share their point of view drinking some cocktail together with the guests. Some of the artists who have taken part at the event with their presence and their creations are the sculptors Sung Heun Kim and T-Yong Chung, the architect Hyun Seok Kim, the fashion designers Kiho Kim, Momoko Hashigami and Ho Bin Wang.
The “funny” element is central in the concept of DanzaCreativa that aims at being a great party among friends and an opportunity for exchanging ideas rather than a mere exposition of things. For this purpose two other top-class artists play an active role: DJ Gak Sato with his worldwide appreciated music and chef Kyun Joon Kim preparing real-time succulent delicacies.

The strength of DanzaCreativa is the freshness and the originality of the formula adopted for the realization of the soirée: for the very first time a real systematic effort has been lavished in the promotion of the Korean art in Italy. But who is the promoter of this effort, who is the organizer of the event? DanzaCreativa is the result of the zealous work of Hee Young Kim, graduated at the Accademia Di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan and founding member of the CIAC (Korea Italy Art and Culture Association). Her objective is to create a bridge between the two cultures and to present to the Italian public the best contemporary Korean artists. At the base of the project there is the idea that the interaction between different realities could lead to a new worthwhile cross-fertilization. The first step toward the goal of building a cultural relationship is a necessary activity of networking. Concerning this the copious number of business cards exchanged among the people invited is the second best testimony of the success of the evening. The best one is beyond all doubt the smile depicted on the face of each of the guests.
Waiting for the next party, excellent work Hee Young!

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