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By Jeongeun Grace Park

To these offsprings who were born with tears of their mothers in

The New York Philharmonic played in Pyongyang in North Korea Feb 26th 2008.They played the beautiful music before my people who were born in their mothers’ bloody tears. I believe they played the freedom that my people have never had before. I hope they played the peace that my people have never felt before. I know they were all overwhelming at that moment.

One day before the Korean War in 1950, 22 years old young korean guy told his 18 years old young wife that he would find a job in Pyongyang and come back in one week. But they can’t see each other, again. She was waiting and waiting and gave her baby a birth during the war. The baby was born in his mother’tears. This young wife becomes a 76 years old grandmother but she is still waiting and believes that she could meet her husband someday, again. She still remembers his love to her. Even though she dosen’t have any picture of him but she can see him every day when she closes her eyes.
My mother’s mother went to find out my uncle to the village market. She was killed by bomb attacks. And my uncle came back home in safe. Then my mother was only 4 years old girl. She can’t remember how her mother looks like. But her older brother, my uncle, told her my mother has her mother’s good heart.

Kids have never seen their fathers, again. Mothers had cried for their missing sons until they die. Who prayed for my people? Who said we would be ok? Who could stop the war?
I am not saying about the tragic history. I am not saying about the politics at that time. I am not asking who started the war.
But I am blessing those who have to see their beloved ones dying.
I am blessing these kids have to suffer living without their mothers and fathers.
I am praying for these mothers who are holding their kids dying in their arms.

I still can’t believe that people living in 21st century are still suffering same things my people have been gone through.
A few days ago, 54 people in Gaza area were killed in a same way how my grandmother was killed. And too many innocent Jewish people were killed by one German dictator in a same way how these 54 people were killed .
I am not talking about the reason why they have to die. I am not asking who is right or fault. Even I am not looking for the truth.
But I am blessing those who are dying for their countries and I am blessing these girls who were rapped during the war. I am praying for these boys are forced to hold guns in their beautiful hands.
Please Play the music for my people , their people and our people only one day. Please let them listen the freedom and peace only one day. Only one day. It is enough. As 18 years old young wife can remember her one day love story for her whole life, let them keep this beautiful one day in their hearts until they die. So they can keep a smile when they die. If they can’t listen to the music, please tell them how beautiful it is so that they can imagine what music they will listen in the heaven when they die. Please only one day for them.

I know I am a dreamer. but i want to hold a ‘One Beautiful Day” Concert with New York Philharmonic Orchestra to bless people. Anyone is in?

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