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By Karen Tam

Interview with DJ KidB

One of Korea’s oldest and most experienced DJs, DJ KidB was also the founder of Korea’s first legendary party promotion company “Innertech”. Born in Korea and raised in New York, no wonder he had so much to introduce to Korea when he came back 12 years ago. He helped change and modernize the club scene in Korea to what it is today.

1. Growing up in New York City, when did you decide to return to Korea?
Yes, I was actually born here in Korea, but when I was young due to my fathers job situation, he took our family and move to New York City, United States of America. I grew up in Queens with block parties at every corner of the neighborhood and started to love scratching. My father was also into music and he owned more than 60 records at home so at the age of 15 I got my own set of turntables. That was a very exciting time. I started spinning in college at local clubs, I knew a lot of DJs and that really helped me get started. I came back to Korea after graduating at Boston University in 1999 because my fathers job position changed again.

2. What types of music do you like spinning?
I personally like Deep House, Tech House and a little bit of Techno, which is a form of electronic dance music.

3. Tell us about Innertech.
Back then, Korea didn’t have many clubs, since my friends and I were already deejaying in Korea, DeeJay Murf, Oriental Funk, BJ and myself, we wanted to start up the partying scene so we decided to start our own promoting company. Innertech was Korea’s first party promoting company, we brought in foreign DJs to come throw parties at local venues we rented out. The parties were surprisingly very successful but Innertech didn’t last, we are still friends but the company fell apart in 2003 due to personal reasons.

4. Do you have a resident club in Korea right now?
No, I do not have a residency club in Korea right now but I still deejay at events. The most recent event I did was at the 5th World DJ Festival, the largest outdoor electronic festival in Korea which was held on May 6th – 8th. There were 7 tents and I performed at 7-8pm and then again at 9-10pm. The outcome of the party was amazing! There were so many people, so many dancers, performers and people dressed in costumes.

5. Do you travel outside of Korea a lot?
Yes, until two years ago, I did travel a lot. I’ve been to Japan and had the chance to work with Emma House, an amazing House music DJ who I met when he came to visit Korea. He invited me to work with along side with him at a few well known clubs in Japan: Womb, Yellow and Ageha. I’ve also worked in Hong Kong at Edge and Dragon Eye and how I would describe the crowd there is “pretentious”. Besides Japan and Hong Kong I’ve also been to Thailand, Beijing, Shanghai, Taiwan, and different parts of Europe. Places I have not been to and want to perform at next are Russia, Czech Republic and Brazil.

6. Are there any DJs that you look up to or admire?
I’ve always been a big fan of Richie Hawtin, ever since middle school. He is an English Canadian Techno DJ and producer. I like how he’s very creative and is always doing something different. The best is still DJ DB, a British Jungle/Drum and Bass DJ.

7. Where do you see yourself in the future?
In two years, perhaps I’ll be in Tokyo or Rio. In five years, hopefully my partner, PeeJay and I will launch “Refleksion”.

8. What would you like people to remember you for?
Think of me as the DJ who’s always doing something different and always bringing something new to the table.

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