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9월 6, 2011 at 4:19 오전 ,
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By John Glynn

II am going to write about something major in the world of music, Jay Z and Kanye West’s new album. The diligently named “Watch the Throne” features the following things: a chorus from the wonderfully talented Beyoncé, a big shout out to the President of the United States, multiple references to brands so expensive that most can only dream of acquiring, along with the best beats I have heard in many years. And yet for Jay-Z and Kanye West, this could actually be seen as a somewhat minor album. Amazingly talented people do amazingly talented things.
The album was released hot on the heels of career-landmark albums from both rappers. Kanye’s masterpiece My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, still not even one year old, won critical acclaim for its lush, progressive lyrics. Jay, meanwhile, is still bathing in the glory of The Blueprint 3. In my opinion, The Blueprint 3 was an artistically flat but commercially massive piece of work. Watch the Throne combines some of Twisted Fantasy’s boundary-melting creativity along with The Blueprint 3’s commercial shrewdness. Listening to this album is sort of like watching a brilliant artist paint a masterpiece. In essence, it’s two of rap’s biggest names and best friends getting together to make beautiful music. In the past, Jay and Kanye have been criticized for boasting about their obscene wealth. On their latest venture, Jay and Kanye address matters beyond money and cars. On “Why I Love You”, Jay describes crewmates’ past betrayals. On “Murder to Excellence” (The best track on the album), it’s black-on-black crime and the lack of colored people in high paying positions. On the excellent “Made in America”, the difficulties of youth and coming of age are addressed. Once in a while, these two friends even sound vaguely modest.
In my opinion, Watch the Throne works best when Jay and Kanye are just boasting about how marvelous they are. The single “Otis” is really quick and sharp, with Jay and Kanye rapping hard and exchanging rhymes like young kids
To conclude: two titans of rap make a beautifully crafted album. They deliver music for the soul and make no apologies in the process. Who said music was dead?

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