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2월 27, 2013 at 8:25 오전
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By Silja Kim, New York Correspondent

It was not exactly one of those crisp days that General Idea presented it’s Fall/Winter 2013 New York Collection on Eyebeam Art & Technology Center in Midtown Manhattan (Special thanks to the snow storm Nemo for its timely arrival). However, the runway showroom was full of exhilaration, tension, and extremely fashionable New Yorkers, kissing each other’s cheeks, saying “Happy Fashion Week!”

While excited broadcast reporters and cameramen were running around, interviewing these fashionistas arriving one after another, the energy level in the room was gradually rising, and the show started at the pertinent timing.

“Nomadism” – the overarching theme of this collection. Creative Director, Bumsuk Choi was inspired by “the path to Buddha, a Tibetan Pilgrimage” by Steve McCurry, a renowned photojournalist. Indeed, slightly toned down colours, mainly of grey and dark navy, were conveying imaginary emotions of the lives of nomads – such as solitude, tenacity, and exoticness. Bumsuk did not forget to solidify General Idea’s firm foundation, wit and wearability, by suggesting mixtures of various fabrics and layering. Tan packets and leather sleeve jacket were perfect examples. “I like it,” whispered several impatient guests.

The show came to an end, and we could finally be back in New York – from Lhasa, Tibet. Or somewhere in Scandinavia. Or even the Arctic.

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