ArtM Artist Interview- Nam Sang il

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CultureM meets Nam sangil, a singer of Korean traditional music from CultureM on Vimeo.

By Lee Ye Won (ArtM Classic Magazine)

Nam sangil started Pansori at the age of 4.
He won the first place in the Korean traditional music competition in 1988, the Gold prize for Pansori at the Dong-A Korean Traditional Music Competition in 1998 and the person of the Art and Culture at the Korea Broadcasting Prizes in 2012.

He also Won grand prize at the KBS Gugak Awards in 2012.

He is a rare Pansori artist who is not only strengthening his position in the Pansori world by taking on the main character in all 5 of the major Pansori stories but also is a very popular star “Soriggun” which means a singer of Korean traditional music . He is spreading his popularity in both the Korean Classical Music industry and entertainment industry as well.

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