Iconography as an influence in art 도해법과 예술은 얼마큼의 상관관계가 있을까요?

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Photos & Texts by Aoife Casey

During the Middle Ages, art and learning were largely centred around the churches and religion. Much of the art and illumination was based in the monasteries. Large illuminated bibles and psalters were the typical forms of luxury manuscripts and wall-painting flourished. The Book of Kells, which follows many of the iconographic and stylistic traditions found in earlier manuscripts, is one of the finest and most famous of a group of manuscripts produced from the late 6th through the early 9th centuries in monasteries in Europe.

But, by the start of the 14th Century, the art of illustration had passed from the monks to lay artists who were less interested in purely religious themes and more interested in depicting themselves, their surroundings and everyday life. This movement from a purely religious view of the world to one which saw human beings as being the agents of their own destiny became known as ‘Humanism’. Using this approach, artists explored the idea that humans can live a full and happy life before they go to heaven and this philosophy one that persists to the present day.



These photographs draw inspiration from the religious iconography of the Virgin Mary, typical of Medieval Art, and from mythology and Renaissance painting.

Influenced by the layering and glazing used by the Renaissance painters and by Victorian early portrait photography, the images depict a lone figure with hand-made floral headdress. Multiple images were layered in areas to darken the image as opposed to imposing colours directly(The posture and gesture depicted by the subject also mirrors the Renaissance style). Much like the early painters and their muses, my subjects bring an essential energy, personality and mood to my work. They help me to bring changing and challenging perspectives to each piece.

Jessica Chung is a creative artist from Korea. She is a designer specialising in fabrics and tattoos and is constantly seeking new avenues through which to express her creativity.

Photographer & Headdress : Aoife Casey Model : Jessica Chung Location : 0907 studio, Hongdae.





Contributoir, Aoife Caseyfsadfadgsdfg

She is an Irish artist living and working in Seoul, Korea. She expresses problems of existence with performance, photo, sculpture, installation more than 10 years. She had a first solo exhibition in 2013, Seoul. She is in full activity with her own view as an artist in recent. http://www.aoifecasey.com/

아일랜드 출신의 작가 이퍼 케이시는 10년 이상을 퍼포먼스, 조각, 설치, 사진 등의 작업을 통해 인간의 신체적 혹은 존재의 문제를 다루어 왔다. 2013년 부터 서울에 거주하며 한국 사회 속에 동화된 한 인간으로서 느끼는 경험을 작가적인 시각으로 풀어내고 있다.


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