AirManGirl’s 6th single album ‘Delivery service’ 사랑도 택배가 가능한가요

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Photos by JUNES entertainment

A lovely Korean duo, Air Man Girl has released the sixth single ‘Delivery service’ for this spring. In fact, they released the first single ‘I still’ in 2014, which consists of two talented Korean musicians, Kwak Tae Hoon & Mine. Also, they were loved for their sensual melody & lyrics by many fans meanwhile some famous Korean musicians introduces their music to public as the big fans.

Air Man Girl’s new single ‘Delivery service’ is a lovely ballad track, which tells the love indirectly about a man who is waiting his product by internet. Also, it was composed & written by Air Man Girl’s Kwak Tae Hoon & Mine, and, the famous Korean comedian, Jung Chan Woo joined in the single as the narrator.


Air Man Girl’s 6th single album ‘Delivery service’

혼성듀오 공기남녀가 여섯 번째 싱글 ‘택배’로 돌아왔다. 곽태훈과 미네로 구성된 공기남녀는 2014년 첫 싱글 ‘I still’를 발매하며 편안하고 세련된 감성으로 사랑 받아 왔으며 소녀시대의 ‘윤아’가 즐겨 드는 음악이자, 아이돌 그룹 ‘위너’가 추천하는 음악으로 소개될 만큼 아는 사람은 다 아는 실력파 듀오로 자리매김 해왔다.

인터넷으로 주문한 물건을 기다리는 마음을 사랑에 빗대어 표현한 신곡 ‘택배’는 공기남녀 멤버인곽태훈이 작곡하고 미네가 작사 했으며 컬투의 정찬우가 나래이션에 참여해 듣는 재미를 더 했다.

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