A Versatile Filmmaker, Gabor N. Forgacs

1월 10, 2012 at 7:52 오전
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By Hellynn Jung

“A good director has to know everything,” he explains, “editing, photography, cast and more because you have to know what they have to do, who is working under you.”

A mandate in all areas of film, Director Gabor N. Forgacs possesses a broad expertise ranging from cameras to directing feature films, producing and editing as well as developing technical innovations. With 20 years of wisdom in the industry, the seasoned filmmaker has accumulated a synergistic approach to his work.

Moreover, he understands the values of producing a successful film such as meticulous budget managing and harmonious relationships with his crew.

“Respect and humility are very important in the film profession,” he said, “and I am lucky, for I already learnt it in my childhood.”

Attributing much of his collaborative experiences to his education at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles, he has actively worked in various positions including Camera Assistant for Vilmos Zsigmond in Playing by Heart with Sean Connery, Angelina Jolie and Dennis Quaid, as well as Camera Operator in The Underworld featuring Kate Beckinsale. Furthermore, he has studied with some of the best including legends like Billy Williams and Dean Candy.

N. Forgacs currently runs Parabel Studio Ltd., which he established in Hungary in 2004. Expeditiously having developed this company into a leading production studio revered for feature films coined as ‘2nd Most Watched Hungarian Film’ or ‘21st Most Watched Film in 2009’, he has more in store for the future of the company.

Butterflies, a Hungarian movie, will be released as it was recently completed. Beauty Never Dies, related to the intoxicating Hungarian history about Countess Elizabeth Bathory will soon be launched.

His fascinating upcoming projects include The Great Khmer Empire, a historical adventure film much anticipated by the whole world. The powerful story of the Khmer Empire with its many twists and turns will yield a gripping film.

“I am very interested in every segment of eastern culture,” he stated.

Thus, his hobbies include reading books about culture and history as well as visiting exhibitions. And it is no surprise eastern martial arts like karate has been a significant part of his life. He leads a rather disciplined and diligent lifestyle as an early bird starting days off with walks, big breakfasts, and a large cup of green tea.

Still, the whole of his existence circles around movies. He enjoys spending time watching them when he’s not busy in meetings in the evenings; most of the time, they’re closely connected to projects he’s working on.

N. Forgacs claims to have a list – an important list of 25 ideas he hopes to turn into films in his career. As for the content of that list, only time will tell.

With ambitions to impact the heart of the film industry to its core, he finishes with an important message: “Everyone has a dream. You have to believe in it. You have to believe that it can come true.”


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