Shuffling with Lee Chang Hoon

4월 3, 2012 at 3:48 오전
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by Julie Han

If you are a big fan of these K-pop groups such as SES, Dong-Bang-Sin-Gi, Super Junior, Girls generation, Wonder girls, IVY, Park Jin-young and even BOA and many others, please give us your attention to ‘Lee Chang Hoon’ who has emerged as a rising star dancer in this world. As being a dance teacher of numerous K-pop stars, one thing obvious is that “If he had not been for him, they could not have it done.”
We have Mr. Lee, the dance trainer and the creative dancer ever who had worked at both SM and JYP Entertainment. It is no wonder why he is known as just fantastic dancer in today’s era.
With his extraordinary interest and enthusiasm towards dance seems that there’s something extraordinary about him. He had an exceptional thirst for dancing and that made him push all desks behind back of the classroom so that he could show people him dancing for each break time during his school days. “Amazing dancer” was another name he used.
As displaying exceptional talent for both singing and dancing, he used to perform a character in various play like ‘Arirang’(1999) and musical ‘Hamlet’ which was held at Jang-chung gym in 2000. He played each character in the play to perfection. All of these experiences gave him the platform he needed for an advanced dancer.
A PR campaign titled under ‘Miero Beauty Project’ was held at one of the popular clubs in Kang-nam area in Seoul which was hosted and supervised by both Hyndai Pharmarcy and Krome Entertainment. Being a director this time, he was in charge of managing whole of the procedures of dancing motions for each dancer for promotion video of Miero fiber. He was asked how he could possibly turn average school girls into professional dancers standing such a big stage in center of the Kang-nam area in such a short time.
“Dancing is a tough and unrelenting thing…” he said during the interview. “Everyone who wants to be a nice dancer needs time and effort after all. No fine work can be done without toil,” he added with his unique smile.
Marking the New Year 2012, he has a new year’s wish. One step toward the global stage with his big aspiration as founding dance academy not only the each local area in Korea but also enter the overseas market such as China, Mr. Lee hopes to teach his experienced dancing skills to train and foster many disciples to be discovered.
He has been fighting for a long time and now, he has an end. Now, he is one of the top dancers in Korea and has been in the spotlight recently. Hope to see more of his work in the bright future and stand hard in overseas market as well. He still stands on backstage as watching his disciples with his true heart. He stands on the back but in the more spotlight ever.

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