District: Prost

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By Susan Morgan

On the first floor of District a passersby can peak into the grandiose windows and see the plates, and tall pints of brews of the people dining inside. The restaurant has indoor and patio seating which is perfect for the changing weather. With the limited space restaurants have to work with in Itaewon, patio dining is a luxury and the patio is beautiful at Prost. The meaning behind the German name is a literal translation of cheers or gunbae. It’s an expression used when lifting a glass and wishing everyone for the best.

The pub/restaurant has 14 beers on tap and a variety continental cuisine. I ordered the chicken Caesar, vongole pasta and chicken wings in garlic honey sauce. The chicken Caesar was great with real bacon bits liberally thrown on top. The leaves of lettuce were on the large side and the chicken served to the side rather than on top, juicy and in slices. The pasta, which was shrimp and clams in a white sauce, was fantastic. The noodles were thin and the sauce very light; great for the change in seasons.

The wings were definitely the highlight of the meal. The 6 pieces of wings were identical to America’s buffalo wings but with the choice of five different sauces to coat them with was a great improvement. They were served with celery, carrots and a generous side of ranch dressing. That’s right, real ranch dressing! It’s like a foreigner finding a unicorn in Korea.
My only complaints were about the service. Having been placed in the patio seating section, the service was lackluster. The servers forgot about us and it was difficult to get their attention. Also, don’t choose the patio if the sun is setting. While during the day it’s the best seat in the house, the lighting is terrible and it got so dark I could hardly see the friend I was dining with. As a new restaurant there are some things they could improve upon and proper lighting outside is one of them. But as far as dining inside, the lighting is warm and welcoming.
My overall experience was great and I look forward to going back and trying a something different like their signature hamburger or calamari with a nice tall pint.


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