Fashion and Technologies Created by 360Fashion Launched at CHIC

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German Ministry Representative and 360Fashion Founder Anina at German Fashion Film Awards wall at CHIC


By Jeongeun Grace Park

360Fashion’s founder Anina who worked as a model in Europe, the USA and many other countries for years realized soon after her modeling career began that her creative talent is not limited only to the fashion industry so she challenged the IT and fashion industries when she launched the brand 360Fashion that combines her passion for fashion and technology together. Since then she has produced many projects that have bridged the IT and fashion industries.

Out of the many shows in CHIC – China International Clothing & Accessories Fair, her project was more than enough to prove her genuine talent to the world.

360Fashion created the largest fashion & technology exhibition focused on Augmented Reality. They demonstrated to 110,000 fashion professionals who attended our exhibition in Beijing, China how they could harness this powerful technology for their business. Anina said “We believe with the entrance of the Google glasses, Augmented Reality will take a firm place in the future of Fashion “

Especially 360Fashion cooperated with one of top Chinese couture designers, Guo Pei to allow people to try on her couture Bridal Collection. The cooperation was deeply touching as many women enjoyed wearing the 3D clothing in our Virtual Dressing Room.

The virtual dressing room wall is where guests can step into a private dressing area and try on superstar designer, Guo Pei’s “Bridal Fashion Couture Collection” dresses on their own body using the TryLive technology. Visitors can see themselves in a mirror wearing the wedding dresses in real time.

The Jewelry area uses the 360AR App to allow people to try on virtual rings and bracelets by inserting their hands into digital jewelry display boxes. Visitors can see the digital version of the jewelry displayed on their hand in order to select the item that is most suitable for their style. Men can discover the best watch for their personal style with the TryLive solution for iPad by placing a paper version of the watch on their wrist in order to view the digital version.

Who would have thought that the foreign business woman Anina could have made such a strong impression in the Chinese fashion industry so soon? However, I, as her close friend believe that her successful projects showed only the tip of the iceberg of her passion and efforts so far for fashion.

As no one imagined how the western pioneers could develop west America, 360Fashion’s future will be full of unimaginably surprising challenges and developments with their international IT and fashion industry networks.

Anina and 360fashion team at 360fashion China


About 360Fashion Network

360Fashion Network was founded by Anina Net, a mobile technology entrepreneur and internationally famous fashion model, in Paris in 2005. 360Fashion has established the first mobile platform for the fashion industry, using new business models and technologies to promote the development of the fashion industry. 360Fashion has offices in the US and Beijing, China and representatives in Paris, Amsterdam and London. For details, please visit:

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