Jack Johnson, From Here to Now to You 잭 존슨의 6집 앨범, 프롬 히어 투 나우 투 유

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BY John Glynn

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Jack Johnson has cemented a career that is set in solid, avant-garde, truly nonchalant stone. Six studio albums into a tentative career, Hawaii’s most renowned guitar-pickin’ export can still produce tunes heavily influenced by the domestic bliss of the Aloha State. Johnson’s preceding LP, 2010’s To The Sea, was an unexpectedly dark set with…. wait for it… shock, horror….electric guitar. Craziness aside, he’s now back to doing what he does quite brilliantly. A zephyr of wistful melodies, the latest release is an ode to his wife, which has some hopelessly self-satisfied whistling.

From the first track (I Got You) to the very last track (Home), Johnson’s uncanny knack for spinning beautiful melodies is true to form. Providing the same serene, harmonious and groovy vibes that he has created throughout his entire career, Johnson continues to generate the music that artists’ like Jason Mraz so desperately try to emulate. The guitar strapped, surfer dude tone creates the flagrant identity of From Here to Now to You, and Johnson makes it ever so hard not to be intoxicated by his feather-light, yet salacious potion.

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The breezy sound of I Got You is classic Johnson; here the most chilled man in music affectionately hums about a loved one vital to his almost constant sunny disposition. The American croons over an acoustic guitar and production that evokes memories of a beachlit campfire. Conspiring with engagingly stark backing, the charm offensive is firmly set in motion. This is lazy, Sunday morning listening with a tropical island kick.


However, Johnson does have his detractors. With this latest release, the line between nauseatingly insignificant and annoyingly affable is wholly inconsequential. Quite simply, From Here to Now to You is the most intoxicating consignment of melodies the singer-songwriter has shipped out in years. This is music that radiates with sheer psychedelic authority. http://jackjohnsonmusic.com/home

미국 하와이 태생 싱어송 라이터 잭 존슨의 정규 6집, ‘프롬 히어 투 나우 투 유(From Here To Now To You)’. 읊조리는 듯, 특별한 기교 없이도 잔잔한 울림을 전해주는 잭 존슨의 6집  첫 싱글곡인 ‘아이 갓 유(I Got You)’에서는 청량한 휘파람 소리와 함께 자연이 속삭이는 느낌을 전해주는 편안한 사운드를 느낄 수 있다. 또한 이번 앨범에는 ‘네버 페이드’ 등 프로듀서 마리오 칼데이토와 함께 하와이 망고트리 스튜디오에서 작업한 12곡이 담겨있다.

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