‘JEAHEE’ is going to be ‘wannabe shoes’ to the fashion people

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Designer introduce  A shoes designer Lee Byung Hee, His dream is for most people put on his hand made shoes, and the World’s most beautiful and comfortable will make. He graduated from I.D.E MODALAB(Fashion Accessories Design) and Korea Shoes Academy.


Brand introduction  JEAHEE is the shoes brand which it based on the philosophy of designer “perfect chic is comfort”, and distinctive urban chic for the fashion people. Also, JEAHEE seek high quality luxury by couture fitting, modernistic. In short, JAEHEE design concept is Unique + Practical. This season’s, JEAHEE suggest hybrid style for showing new way in the boundary between under and over. A predominant trait of this season’s JAEHEE is luxury colors, detail zipper decoration. And mix and match of material make a diversity of feeling, so, color and material stand out in this season’s shoes. You can check it more information about JAEHEE,  http://www.cmmagshop.com/


현실과 이상이 만나 탄생한 슈즈 브랜드, JEAHEE

이병희 디자이너의 ‘완벽한 쉬크함은 편안함이다’라는 철학을 바탕으로 패션피플 특유의 쉬크함과 도시적인 세련됨이 돋보이는 핸드메이드 슈즈 브랜드, 꾸뛰르적인 피팅감과 모던함으로 하이퀄리티 럭셔리를 추구하는 슈즈 브랜드, JEAHEE. 2013년 가을, JEAHEE는 럭셔리한 컬러와 디테일한 지퍼 장식, 한층 돋보이는 컬러감 있는 소재의 믹스 앤 매치로 새로운 방식의 하이브리드 스타일을 제안한다. 상세 제품 설명은 http://www.cmmagshop.com/에서 확인 할 수 있다.






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