Communicating through dance, Choreographer Lee Chang Hoon

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Lee Chang Hoon is the face behind the scene of the K-pop storm, in addition to international and Korean celebrities such as managing the choreography for singers like Yand Dong Geun (YDG), Rain, 2Pm, Girls Generation, Park Ji Yoon, TVXQ, and actors like Han Chea Young, Ha Ji Won, Aaron Kwok and so on.  Lee Chang Hoon is getting ready for his second leap with JW performer Agency which is established only for choreographers.  Culture M met with Choreographer Lee Chang Hoon whose choreography shines bright on the stage.

가수 양동근, 비, 2PM, 소녀시대, 박지윤, 동방신기를 비롯해 영화배우 한채영, 하지원, 곽부성 같은 국내외 유명 연예인들의 안무를 담당하며 K-pop 열풍을 주도한 안무가, 이창훈.  JW 퍼포머 에이전시에서 제2의 도약을 준비하고 있는 무대 위에서 가장 아름다운 남자, 안무가 이창훈을 만났다.




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