Moontain’s work is talking about “The Balance” 문테인의 작업은 타인을 향한 배려입니다

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Photos by Moontain

“The Balance”

We often put people as stuffs, into boxes… closed tiny boxes inside of our head societies. We like to declare our love about something, even sometimes fight for it in a discussion. By doing it, we discover the one we are not, by discussing it, and we mature the one we are. This is one of the many ways to explore our Self. To confront it with the others.

But you have to stay attentive because this is a thin line between chaos and creation. You have to respect the other’s opinions cos’ they bring you to more conscious. Actually, we couldn’t thank enough the people who don’t think like we do. They’re the ones who concretely help us to be. The good thing is that we actually have the same effect on them.

See… how could we consider something bad or wrong? When finally everything exists to allow you (or maybe someone else) to be yourself. Now you’re free from judging others or yourself. Now you’re moving faster, you’re lighter, fresher. This weight off, you can now experience the real empathy, the real pardon, to be a real listener, for others and yourself. Now you understand this concept of “Making One”. Because each one of us participate into the other’s unique evolution. More detail about his works,




2142346545753Contributor, MOONTAIN

French solo artist, MOONTAIN. What drives him is the desire to be and to re-member, as much as the will to share positive waves and insights to help the Change. More detail about him,

음악과 미술, 다양한 예술 분야에서 작가적인 감성을 쌓아온 프랑스 출신의 작가, 문테인. 음악적인 감성과 회화적인 감성이 만나 탄생한 그의 작품을 매달 컬쳐엠매거진이 공개한다.  보다 자세한 그의 작업은 에서 확인할 수 있다.

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