Gary & Jung In’s duet song, ‘Your secnt’ 개리와 정인의 조합은 믿을 수 있습니다

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Photos by Leessang company

A Korean repper, Gary and female singer, Jung In has released a digital single duet song, ‘Your Scent’ This song was composed by both Jung In and Duble Sidekick while Gary wrote the lyrics.  It has a very soothing and relaxing melody, made even better by Gary’s skillful rapping and Jung In’s soulful vocals. Lyrics of the song portrays ordinary love story of a couple in today’s hectic and materialistic society that prompts people to seek for scent of humanity. Familiar and candid lyrics attracted many listeners who are looking for compassion.

독특한 음색으로 사랑 받는 가수 정인과 팔방미인 래퍼 개리가 듀엣곡 디지털 싱글 ‘사람냄새’를 발매 했다. 국내 최고의 히트곡 메이커 작곡가인 이단옆차기가 작업에 참여한 곡으로 개리의 읊조리 듯한 임팩트 있는 랩과 정인의 음색이 기존의 느낌과는 다른 밝고 경쾌한 분위기가 인상적이다.



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