In search of serenity for Egypt, ‘Dahab’ 황금빛 해변의 도시, 다합

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Photos by Kim So Young

The weather is getting hotter living in Cairo and I grow weary of the teeming mass of people and traffic.The grandeur and splendor of the Great Pyramids behind me, it’s about time to recharge and look after my soul. I long to let my hair down in a peaceful, pollution-free place. I just want to eat, drink, and be merry. It would be an unbeatable combinationif there were an ocean to cool me down from the sizzling heat of summer. Dahab is the place you and I have been craving for:an easy-going, laid-back place with a beautiful ocean at your doorstep, all for an excellent value.

Dahab, Egypt, is a small town located on the south Sinai Peninsula on the Red Sea. This place is world-renowned for its pristine snorkelling and diving sites and it is also well known for its windsurfing. You also can enjoy trekking and camel or jeep excursions into interior desserts, as well as to the heights of Mt Sinai, alongside Bedouin guides.

Instead of going to the usual getaway Dahab is another off the beaten track, exciting option to enjoy the beauty of doing nothing. When you are here look out onto the Red Sea, close your eyes, and hear the sound of waves. Whether you want to just kickback and read a book or go adventuring, Dahab has a little bit of everything.

Map of Dahab

Blue Hole Area




profile111Contributor, Kim So Young 

World traveller. Photographer. Writer. She has lived and travelled in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America. Currently she resides in Cairo, Egypt. All she needs to live her life on is my suitcase, backpack, camera, and favorite book collection.

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