A promising hip hop musician, Jay IDK 랩 좀 하는 친구 한명 소개드립니다

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Photos by Jay IDK

Jay IDK has released his original music video for “More”, the next single from Sex, Drugs, and Homework. This chill track has an old school vibe and is the Anthem for the Lazy Stoner Summer. Jay IDK(Ignorantly Delivering Knowledge) is a stylish Maryland based rapper who found his niche mixing “Ignorance with Consciousness” over soulful and danceable beats.

Sex, Drugs, and Homework was released in Spring 2014. The album has been called a “Step Forward for Hip Hop,” mixing themes of party life and college with the struggles of daily life that face Jay IDK’s generation. The album has features from King Los, XXL 2014 Freshman Jarren Benton, JaVonte, and more.

Jay IDK-1

Jay IDK-2


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영국 출신의 컬쳐엠매거진 컨트리뷰터 존 그린은 영화, 음악 등 문화 관련 컨텐츠에서 날카로운 분석을 통한 심도 깊은 이야기를 전해주고 있다.


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