AOA’s 3rd mini album ‘Heart Attack’ 심쿵유발 일곱 소녀들, 에이오에이

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Photos by FNC entertainment

2015’s best girl group, AOA has released the third mini album ‘Heart Attack’. In 2014, they had released trio hit tracks, such as ‘Mini skirt’, ‘Short hair’, ‘Like a cat’, they ranked the most loved girl group in K-pop. Be sexy, more pretty, finally, AOA is returned with sporty sexy for this summer.

There are six tracks in the album included a title track ‘Heart Attack’. It is a lovely & bubble pop dance track with a sensual melody & poisonous lyrics. Especially, the famous Korean producer, Double sidekick composed for this track. Also, there are various musical genres such as ‘Luv me’ ‘Come To Me)’, ‘One Thing’, ‘Really Really’, ‘Chocolate’ etc.


AOA’s 3rd mini album ‘Heart Attack’

2015년 최고의 걸 그룹 AOA가 세 번째 미니앨범 ‘Heart Attack’을 발매했다. 지난 해짧은 치마’, ‘단발머리’, ‘사뿐사뿐으로 흥행 3연타에 성공하며 대세 걸그룹으로 도약한 AOA. 갈수록 예뻐지고 섹시해지는 그녀들이 드디어 돌아온 것이다.

타이틀 곡심쿵해는 감각적인 멜로디와 중독성 강한 후렴구가 돋보이는 상큼 발랄한 팝 댄스 트랙으로 이성에게 첫 눈에 반한 여성의 쿵쿵거리는 마음을심쿵이라는 신조어와 함께 재치 있게 풀어냈다. 또한, ‘심쿵해와 함께 ‘Luv me’ ‘들어와(Come To Me)’, ‘한 개(One Thing)’, ‘진짜(Really Really)’, ‘Chocolate’ 등 다양한 장르의 6곡이 수록되어 풍성함을 더했다.


AOA’s 3rd mini album ‘Heart Attack’


AOA’s 3rd mini album ‘Heart Attack’


AOA’s 3rd mini album ‘Heart Attack’


AOA’s Seol Hyun


AOA’s Cho A


AOA’s Hye Jeong


AOA’s Min A


AOA’s Ji Min


AOA’s Yu Na


AOA’s Chan Mi

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