Brown Eyed Girls’s 6th regular album ‘BASIC’ 마침내 브라운아이드걸스

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Finally, the irreplaceable Korean girl group, Brown Eyed Girls has released the sixth regular album ‘BASIC’. Jea, Narsha, Miryo, Gain came back with a totally preposterous concept album in 2 years and 4 months. So, Brown Eyed Girls who has hold the unrivaled place with unique concept, unexpected music and shocking performance, released the music only BEG could show this time as well. Especially, a famous Korean producer Cho Young comes back as a main producer for the track who already worked with Brown Eyed Girls through several hit songs such as ‘Love’, ‘Abracadabra’ etc.

6th album of BEG ‘BASIC’ is the album which tried to include the basic, starting from the deep consideration of ‘What is the basic of BEG 10 years after the debut? From the question mark how to show their identity, who have showed various looks like a vocal group as well as a performance group, the planning of the 6th album has started, and in the end, the goal of this album is to go back to the basic to show good vocals, music, and performances. There 12 tracks in the album included a title track ‘Brave New World’. The title track ‘Brave New World’ is a motwon style dance song with a powerful intro, Brown Eyed Girls’s unique voice color, a rhythmical bass. Also, there are various styles tracks in the album such as ‘Warm Hole’, ‘Wave’, ‘Obsession’, ‘Light’ etc.

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Brown Eyed Girls’s 6th regular album ‘BASIC’

독보적인 걸 그룹, 브라운아이드걸스가 6집 정규 앨범 ‘BASIC’으로 돌아왔다. 독창적인 콘셉트, 예측불허의 음악과 파격적인 퍼포먼스로 독보적인 입지를 굳혀온 그녀들이 2년 4개월 만에 돌아온 것이다. 특히 브라운아이드걸스의 ‘러브’, ‘아브라카다브라’, ‘식스센스’ 등 브아걸의 히트곡을 탄생시킨 조영철 프로듀서, 이민수 작곡가, 김이나 작사가, 정석원, 박근태, 프라이머리, G.고릴라(Eve) 등 국내 최고의 뮤지션들이 앨범 작업에 참여해 전체적인 완성도를 최고로 끌어올렸다.

총 12곡이 수록된 이번 앨범의 타이틀 곡 ‘신세계’는 브로드웨이 뮤지컬을 연상시키는 인트로, 브아걸 특유의 시원한 가창력과 화려한 코러스, 컨템포러리 R&B 스타일의 베이스의 리드미컬함이 돋보이는 모타운(motown) 스타일의 트랙이다. 도입부의 몽환적인 효과음, 보컬과 스트링에서 찾아볼 수 있는 글리치(Glitch) 테크닉, 브라스와 스트링의 주고받는 연주가 몽환적인 랩 파트가 인상적이다. 또한 ‘아이스크림의 시간’, ‘웜홀(Warm Hole)’, ‘Wave’, ‘Obsession’, ‘신의 입자’, ‘Light’ 등의 다양한 장르의 곡들이 앨범에 추가로 수록되었다.

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Brown Eyed Girls’s 6th regular album ‘BASIC’

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Brown Eyed Girls’s 6th regular album ‘BASIC’

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Brown Eyed Girls’s 6th regular album ‘BASIC’

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Brown Eyed Girls’s JeA

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Brown Eyed Girls’s Narsha

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Brown Eyed Girls’s MIRYO


Brown Eyed Girls’s GAIN

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