SU Introducing: Lewis Anthony & Raico 소셜언더그라운드와 함께, the last dance

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Photos by Social Underground

On Saturday December 7th, Social Underground returns to Exit for the last time. After almost two years at the stripped back venue in Hongdae, Lewis Anthony and Raico will reunite and take to the decks for one final round of underground house shenanigans. Here’s what the boys and a few of their favorite DJs had to say about their experiences at one of the best monthly underground house music parties on the peninsula.

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Lewis Anthony: Back in February 2012, the first Social Underground party was held at Exit. Little did we know at the time that it would become the party it has become today. We set out with a simple objective; to take clubbing back to its roots with local DJs. We didn’t want any luxurious VIP area, outrageous drink prices, a dress code, or to charge people a cover. We wanted a dark and sweaty little venue where people could be themselves and gather with like minded folk to enjoy the best underground house music.

On the first Saturday of every month since that first party almost two years ago, Social Underground has grown into something quite magnificent. We have seen both expatriate and homegrown, Korean DJs rediscover why they first started DJing. And we have seen informed clubbers with a keen ear for tunes rejoicing in a break from the norm.

It has been an incredible ride but the time has come to say goodbye.

Every single party has been incredible. However, it would not have been possible without the amazing DJs that we have been privileged to play alongside, the amazing staff at Exit and most importantly-the partygoers that pack out Exit each and every month.

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Raico: When Lewis and I wanted to start a party in Hongdae, we were really at a loss at where to do it. Venues with a weekly following were fading left and right and the ones that were shining did not fit our idea of what a night of music and dancing entailed. Then we strolled into Exit one Saturday. It was packed, good music was playing, and the people were appreciating it. This venue had everything but most importantly it had a crowd that paid attention. Lewis and I were either going to be accepted by this place or discover that we don’t belong. When the first SU finished, we knew we were welcome back, not necessarily by the owner but by its patrons. From then on, it was our mission to create a night that became a staple in people’s nightlife plans. When it was the first Saturday of the month, people didn’t have to decide what they were going to do. SU was already the decision penciled in on their calendars.

Big ups to Lewis as he really made the party sing by creating something people actually thought about. He never strayed away from the party’s mission statement of being about the music, no luxury VIP, no outlandish drink prices, and CERTAINLY, ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, NO COVER.

While I couldn’t be present at a lot of the parties, I was always happy to hear about its growth, and felt proud knowing I was a part of it, even if it was only for some of the time. Thanks to Lewis, Jin, and most importantly the Exit patrons.

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Dan Luba: The fabric of Seoul’s nightlife is going to have a hole that you can poke your finger through after Social Underground finishes next month. Hat off to Lewis and Joey – they’ve carved out an awesome little scene over the past couple of years, reminiscent of some of the more intimate clubs back home where it’s all about the MUSIC – an ethos that’s hard to find, over here. I’ve played at two of the nights, and both were easily among the best nights I’ve played anywhere. And it’s just as much fun on the other side of the decks. Great DJs, great music, great crowd… I live right at the other end of the country but there’s no way I’m going to miss my last ever opportunity to go to the Social Underground.

Sam Gates: I think what people will miss most is its consistency. Every first Saturday of the month for almost two years! It has cultivated a great vibe and picked up a well deserved hedonistic crowd who know it will never disappoint them. I also feel that the musical integrity of the DJ’s Lewis brought in was never compromised. They played their interpretation of dance music and the crowd always responded without fail, something that is quite rare in Seoul.

I had the great pleasure of helping Lewis with many of the parties and I already sorely miss not being a part of it any more. To learn that the final party is just around the corner means I can no longer entertain my day dreams of someday coming back. Get yourself down and you will undoubtedly enjoy yourself for one last time.

Zach H: Social Underground’s success has always been a source of inspiration for our own monthly SILK/JUICE party at EXIT, and finally being able to play as a guest did not disappoint. Rob and I loved every minute playing for the (always massive) crowd and the response was overwhelmingly enthusiastic. SU will be sorely missed in Hongdae!

Join Lewis Anthony and Raico with resident, Aaron Cho on Saturday December 7th for the final Social Underground at Exit.

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Click here for directions to Exit.

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