Like our peacefully hometown, Gyeonbuk Chilgok 경북 칠곡에는 고향이 있다

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55Photos by Cho Hye Won

Chilgok is situated south-west part of Gyeongsangbuk-do. It is also a vital point of transport where the Nakdong river flows through and an Urban-Farming complex that adjoins with great cities such as Gumi-si and Dague Metropolitan city. The famous Chonsang Fortress, a battle field where general Gwak Jae-woo fought during the Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592, and there is the Gasan Fortress which was built to prevent Japanese invasion after the second Manchu invasions in 1636.

Frankly, the reason why we let ours eyes rest on Chilgok, it is the best peaceful town among many town of Gyeongsangbuk-do. Like a word, Chilgok is the town where has the image of hometown for the Korea. In plain language, we can feel the beauty of stillness in there like our peacefully hometown. There are many lazy place in Chilgok, for example, Mangwol Temple which it located suitable place for view the moon, Jicheonji is a lake where is the hot place for leisure sport during summer, and Gasil Catholic Church is a high quality brick building built in the mid 1920s. It is still in good condition and has historical value. And like an ordinary country, we can enjoy ‘Makgeolli’(Korean traditional rice wine) from Chilgok like a special product of the region.


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경북 칠곡은 인접한 대구에 비교하면 모든 것이 소박하고 한적한 곳이다. 하지만 시골이라는 이미지가 전해주는 포근함과 편안함처럼 그 곳에는 모든 것이 잠시 쉬어가는 듯 한 정적인 아름다움이 내려앉아 있다. 달을 조망하기 좋은 자리에 위치한 망월사, 여름이면 수상레포츠를 즐기는 이들이 많이 모여드는 지천지, 경북에서 가장 오래된 성당인 가실 성당까지.  특히 매일 새벽 4시에 손수 막걸리를 내리는 칠곡 양조장의 모습은 찌그러진 주전자에 막걸리를 가득 담고 논두렁을 뛰어가는 코흘리개 소년의 모습처럼 정겹기만 하다.







hye wonContributor, Cho Hye Won

She  is a professional travel photographer of quarterly magazine <rove> which it introduce the beauty of Korea.  For expressing hidden beauty in Korea while she crisscrossed the entire country.

조혜원은 한국의 미를 담아내고 있는 계간지의 <로브>의  포토그래퍼로 활동하고 있다. 한국의 숨어있는 아름다움을 전부 찾아내는 그날 까지, 그녀는 오늘도 여전히 출장 중이다.

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