‘Hope is a Waking Dream’ by Irish artist, Aoife Casey 희망은 그치지 않는 노래입니다

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Photos & Text by Aoife Casey

‘Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words
And never stops at all’
by Emily Dickinson

‘희망은 날개 달린 것
영혼에 내려 앉아 가사 없는 노래 부르네.
그치지 않는 그 노래’
– 미국의 여류시인, 에밀리 디킨슨

2-HOPE 2

Jayun Koo and Jui Ryu

The importance of hope is immeasurable. Many of us need hope to look forward to the future. Hope is what helps us deal with grief, find positives in our current situation, help us continue searching for something better and to have faith that everything will work out okay. The photographic story was taken at Bukhansan National Park, Seoul. Thanks to models Jayun Koo and Jui Ryu.

9-HOPE 5

Jayun Koo

1-1-jui 2

Jui Ryu


Contributoir, Aoife Caseyfsadfadgsdfg

She is an Irish artist living and working in Seoul, Korea. She expresses problems of existence with performance, photo, sculpture, installation more than 10 years. She had a first solo exhibition in 2013, Seoul. She is in full activity with her own view as an artist in recent. http://www.aoifecasey.com/

아일랜드 출신의 작가 이퍼 케이시는 10년 이상을 퍼포먼스, 조각, 설치, 사진 등의 작업을 통해 인간의 신체적 혹은 존재의 문제를 다루어 왔다. 2013년 부터 서울에 거주하며 한국 사회 속에 동화된 한 인간으로서 느끼는 경험을 작가적인 시각으로 풀어내고 있다.

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